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Creative Design.
Intuitive Sites. Affordable Prices.

De Aguiar Designs is a website design company. Our purpose is to provide clients with beautiful, simple and mobile friendly sites.

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Web Design

 A well designed website can make all the difference when promoting your services. Our goal at De Aguiar Designs is to make you a clean, simple and accessible site, tailored to your needs. With our collaboration we can work together and make your vision a reality.

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They say, a picture can say a thousand words. This is why the use of graphics are an effective way we can create an easy going, fun experience for you. With us, we ensure that our designs are catered towards being as intuitive as possible, to get you the best results.

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Photos are a brilliant way to personalize your site, and portray your company's objectives. It's also a great way to show viewers a glimpse into the aesthetic of your business. Let De Aguiar Designs help you capture that look, so we can help your website feel like "yours".

Brandon De Aguiar

Head Designer

Brandon De Aguiar wants to see you succeed, by helping you achieve your website needs. Brandon's goal is to make you a site designed to provide you with your own personal touch, and a feeling of satisfaction. His approach to site design begins mobile, and work up towards larger screens. Brandon's many skills, include; Webflow, Illustrator, Photoshop and Lightroom.

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